CL Collagen Prime 45 Capsules
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CL Collagen Prime 45 Capsules
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✓ Prevents the occurrence of acne and freckles

✓ Promotes skin radiance with no need of makeup

✓ Keep your skin hydrated all day long

✓ Builds collagen into your skin (Anti-aging)

✓ Reduce dark spot and melasma

✓ Protecting skin from sun damages and skin dullness

CL Collagen Prime 45 Capsules


CL Collagen Prime 45 Capsules

For skin tone lightening, skin rejuvenate, smooth and glowing, slow down wrinkles, tighten pores and prevent skin from UVA and UVB.

ORIGIN: Thailand by PRIME
FDA: 27-1-02761-5-0057
WARRANTY: 100% Authentic.

This new formula blended with premium 12 keys ingredients helps to;
✓ Prevents the occurrence of acne and freckles as well as promotes skin radiance with no need of makeup and promotes skin to be hydrated all day long even when late sleep.
✓ Fulfil collagen and replace the deteriorated areas such as area under eyes, cheeks and forehead that are often decayed by time.
✓ Reduce dark spot and melasma, while moisturising and rejuvenating skin. 
✓ Protecting skin from sun damages and skin dullness caused by sun exposure. It functions as the shield to prevent skin from UVA and UVB.


First month, take 2 capsules every morning and 2 capsules every night before bed. Second month above, take only 2 capsule every night before bedtime until you satisfied with results.

The best way is to take the supplement 2 hours after eating your last meal/ breakfast/ dinner or 30 min before your next meal. This gives a nice window for your supplement to be absorbed or move past the stomach to the intestine if that is where it is meant to be absorbed.

All lightening supplement will make skin sensitive to sun’s rays. Users MUST apply a sunscreen /sun protection of SPF 30 or higher when going into the sun.

How long does it take to whiten skin?

Result times vary from person to person depending on how this supplement reacts in your system, body metabolism, skin condition, age and weight, type and amount of ingredient used.

Most customers see results after first month when they take this supplement along with skin whitening booster to speed up the transformation colour of skin. For some people results may take as long as 3 to 6 months.


Please keep out of the reach of children and store products in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight or heat.
ALL supplement has no result in any disease treatment.
No one supplement works for every single person.
Avoid all supplement product during menstrual period, pregnant or trying to conceive or lactating, unless otherwise indicated.
If you have medical condition or under the age of 15 or taking medications, please consult health care practitioner before taking any supplement.
If you are allergic, please stop taking this product and see your dermatologist.
Drink enough water and never skip your breakfast.

Tripletide Fish Collagen 145mg
L-Glutathione 60mg
L-Glutamine 21mg
Glycine 18g
Zinc Amino Acid Chelate 20mg
Ascorbic Acid 20mg
L-Cysteine 11mg
Alpha Lipoid Acid 10mg
Pomegranate Extract 60mg
Citrus Aurantium Extract 30mg
Pine Bak Extract 30mg
Rose Hip Extract 25mg


Kandungan :
* Hidrogen Fish Collagen Tripeptide 300mg
* Glutathione 100mg
* Pink Bark Extract 20mg
* Vitamin C 30mg

Manfaat :
- Memutihkan dan mencerahkan seluruh tubuh
- Mengencangkan kulit wajah
- Mengurangi kerutan pada wajah
- Mengecilkan pori-pori wajah
- Menyamarkan kulit belang / flek / bekas luka
- Mencegah dan mengobati jerawat
- Menjaga  kesehatan kulit
- Menjaga kelembaban kulit .

Waktu Konsumsi :
* Pagi 1 kapsul
* Malam 1 kapsul

** Tidak disarankan untuk ibu hamil dan ibu menyusui
** Tidak disarankan untuk yang alergi seafood
✔Aman untuk dikonsumsi
✔Tidak menyebabkan ketergantungan


-- 新包装 --

# 专注于管理痤疮问题。
# 痤疮迅速消失
# 专注于护肤
# 皮肤美白,亮白和收紧毛孔
# 保持强壮的头发和指甲
# 改善和修复雀斑皮肤
# 黑点会逐渐消失。

- 来自日本领先实验室的胶原蛋白
- 含有12种主要成分
- 世界领先的原材料
- 工厂安全胶囊,国际标准


如何使用: 早餐前或睡前一天吃1-2粒胶囊

FDA 27-1-02761-5-0057