MIMI WHITE AHA Whitening Serum 30ml
RM3.50 RM20.00
MIMI WHITE AHA Whitening Serum 30ml
Price RM3.50 RM20.00
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Mini White AHA Serum 30ml

Concentrated formula 

The white where it really works in third day black neck, knees, groin, buttocks, arms, legs striped black striped black sun hereditary skin dull, uneven skin is not bright at 100%

- White/Yellow skin, white in 2-3 days.
- Two tone skin  , white in 5-7 days
- Dark skin , white in 1-2 weeks

Mix the cream, apply 2-3 drops of the night, just about anything that really works in 3-7 days.





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AHA Whitening Serum 30ml x 1