100% AUTHENTIC Thailand Lanna Foot Patch
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100% AUTHENTIC Thailand Lanna Foot Patch
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100% AUTHENTIC Thailand Lanna Foot Patch









1 bag = 10 packs



How to use:


Step 1: Clean foot 
Step 2: Tear down the bigger paper on the adhesive plaster, then attach the foot patch onto the adhesive plaster. 
Step 3: Attach the foot patch which is already on the adhesive plaster now onto your vola. 
Step 4: Tear down the smaller paper on the adhesive plaster. 
Step 5: Attach the whole adhesive plaster onto your vola firmly. 
Step 6: Please use the foot patch while you sleeping, and ensure to attach the foot patch for more than 6- 8 hours.
Step 7: Next morning, tear down the foot patch bag and wash your foot.




*Please keep your foot dry when using. 
*Foot patches which are not used should be sealed in the plastic bag. 
*Please pay attention that the medicament in the foot. 
*Patch may stick to your socks or shoes if you put on socks or shoes after using foot patch. 
*Store the foot patch in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight and high temperature. 
*When used by children, adult should instruct. 
*If the skin appears novel situations e.g. rubefaction or other anaphylaxis, please stop using 
Consult with skin experts if the situation occurs. 










  • Promoting sleeping
  • Dispelling toxins which accumulated in the circulation system
  • Promoting functions of circulation system and strengthening the immunity.




 Natural bamboo vinegar essence, Natural mineral powder, Negative ion, loquat leaf, Brazil mushrooms, Chitin, Cordate houttuynia, Vitamin C, Natural plant powder, Orange essential oil and so on.